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September 18, 2021

Operations Division

The Emergency Operations Division is the largest division and is responsible for delivering all emergency response functions. It consists of an Engine Company and a Truck Company stationed at two fire stations strategically located in the City of Red Oak and Emergency Services District #4.
Areas under Operations:
Daily Operations
Service Areas
Emergency Medical
Health & Safety
Performance Standards

Daily Operations
Oct 17, 2010

Areas of Service
Oct 17, 2010

The downloadable map below is a map of Red Oak Fire Rescue's jurisdiction.

Download: Red Oak Map 04 21 10.pdf

Emergency Medical
Oct 17, 2010

GOAL: To save lives, reduce suffering and speed recovery from injury and illness by delivering basic and advanced life support services throughout the community.

The delivery of emergency medical services to the customers of Red Oak plays a major role in the operation of Red Oak Fire Rescue. Currently approximately 70% of our emergency response activity is emergency medical in nature.  
Our Fire Department takes great pride in being a progressive Advanced Life Support first responder organization. All of our Truck and Engine Companies have Advanced Life Support capabilities. Our Engine crews provide first response on all EMS incidents to ensure rapid response and optimal care to our citizens. 

Oct 17, 2010


Red Oak Fire Rescue is committed to providing the citizens of the City of Red Oak with a highly trained fire and rescue department. Each firefighter receives a minimum of two hours of training daily. Members are also sent for specialized training on a regular basis throughout the region. On a regular basis, our firefighters train with area fire departments to maintain familiarity with each other and increase on-scene performance and safety. As the Rescue Department for the Ellis Dallas Unified Cooperative Team (EDUCT), each member of the department must be trained at the technician level on all rescue disciplines. This includes: High Angle, Trench, Confined Space, Heavy Extrication, Structural Collapse and Swift Water Rescue. 


Training is a critical function for any modern fire service agency. As our work becomes more complex and diversified, the knowledge required, government regulations, and professional standards lead to increases in overall training needs for the Department. Documentation and records management are essential elements of that process.

Key programs and opportunities that will be developed and/or continued are:

Engine/Truck Company (fire ground support) Operations

Driver/Operator Training (Engineer FTO)

Probationary firefighter training (FTO program)

Computer training

Hazardous Material Awareness Level Training refresher

External training opportunities

Involvement of company officers in training development

Technical Rescue Training

National Incident Management System Training

Annual Emergency Vehicle Operator Training

Investigator certification training for all Officers depending on funding

Inspector certification training for all Officers depending on funding

Driver/Engineer orientation and training

Transitioning of Firefighter to Driver/Engineer program

Strike Team Leader training for Company Officers

Obtain Forestry "Blue" cards for Strike Team members

Items necessary for increasing the capabilities of the training program include:

Quality regional continuing education programs

Continuously updating the fire department library

Construction of the fire department training team

Focus training on High Risk – Low Frequency events

Incident Safety Officer Training (all officers)

Training for Step-Up positions

Officer Orientation and Training (Officer FTO)

National Fire Academy attendance

Medical continuing education and re-certification

Fire Apparatus
Feb 01, 2020

Chief Officers

Chief Officers

Engine 182

Rescue 181

Truck 181

Oct 17, 2010

Station 1 - Central

547 N Methodist Street 

Red Oak Fire Rescue Central Station, which opened in 2005 houses the Administration division of the department. Central Station is the home for one Truck one Engine, and One Brush Truck. Central Station’s primary response district is all City and ESD areas west of Hwy 342 to the boundaries of Ovilla and Glenn Heights.

Station 2

1201 Pierce Road

Station Two, which opened in January of 2008, services all addresses east of Hwy 342. The station is located in the 1200 block of Pierce Road. Strategically located to receive the highest ISO points for addresses within the city, the station is within five road miles of the eastern-most residences of the City of Red Oak. Station Two houses one engine and one brush truck.

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